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Urogynecology & Pelvic Surgery Center is a gynecology practice based in Northern Virginia. Our practice includes specialists Dr. Luis E. Sanz and Dr. Maria Pettit Canter. Our specialties include urogynecology, pelvic reconstructive surgery, and complex gynecologic surgery. Appointments are available in Arlington, Virginia.

Areas of Expertise

Our program evaluates and treats patients with a wide range of disorders of the pelvic floor. We are well equipped to handle routine gynecological procedures as well as complex conditions that have not responded to previous treatment. Areas of expertise include:

What is Urogynecology?

Urogynecology is a subspecialty within Gynecology that encompasses the study and treatment of disorders of the pelvic floor. This field is dedicated to the diagnosis, management, and surgical therapy for urinary or anal incontinence, and vaginal, bladder, or uterine prolapse (bulging). Dr. Luis Sanz and Dr. Maria Canter are both highly trained Urogynecologists who can help you with these problems and improve your quality of life.

Urinary incontinence (leakage of urine) is a very common condition affecting at least 10-20% of women under age 65 and up to 56% of women over the age of 65. Prolapse simply means displacement from the normal position. When this word is used to describe the female organs, it usually means bulging, sagging or falling. It can occur quickly, but usually happens over the course of many years.

Prolapse and incontinence frequently occur together. Both conditions are believed to result from damage to the pelvic floor after delivering a baby. Other possible factors in the development of prolapse and incontinence are heavy lifting on a frequent basis, chronic coughing, severe constipation and obesity.

What is Pelvic Surgery?

Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery is a specialized component of Gynecology that involves surgical treatment for restoring normal female anatomy and function. This includes evaluation and treatment of congenital defects, uterine abnormalities, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and much more.

The Urogynecology and Pelvic Surgery Center offers state-of-the-art management of urinary and anal incontinence, constipation, pelvic organ prolapse, and congenital malformations using non-surgical approaches and laparoscopic, vaginal, and abdominal surgical treatments.

Diagnostic Procedures

Accurate diagnosis is the first step in treating a variety of urogynecological and gynecological conditions. We provide state-of-the-art technology and diagnostic expertise including:

Treatment Options

Our program focuses on developing an optimal treatment strategy to achieve the best results for each patient. This includes therapeutic approaches that empower patients to manage their own condition over the long term, such as, physical therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction and bladder retraining (training the bladder). Our physicians are also experts in laparoscopic surgery (minimally invasive procedures) and cutting-edge solutions such as InterStim sacral nerve stimulation.

Read more about our treatment options on the services page.

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